Puppy life💕

Ok so for I guess everyday of my existence I’ve wanted a dog, but my mom would always refuse because she supposedly didn’t even like animals and she didn’t want to have to deal with the hassle of having a dog. 

For some reason though for the past year and a half I could say I have begging my parents if we could get a pug because I thought that pugs were the cutest dogs and they were lazy so the didn’t do much and it was perfect. A month ago I told my dad we should visit an animal shelter and we did, but there was no pug and there were only chihuahua’s.

Later on I decided that I would look online and see what would happen. By this point my mom had said that we can get a puppy but that it had to be a pug because that’s the one I wanted. Well apparently the luck was on my side because someone texted me back saying that they had a little girl pug for sale and I got her!!!!

My little pug’s name is Zoë and eat now she is 7 weeks old. I love this little girl even though she can be a pain! But honestly I’m so happy I got her! I can’t imagine my life without her now!

My mom is starting to love her now because she says that she is adorable and she actually is not that bad behaved. 

  This is little Zoë💕

Having a puppy can be hassle because you always have to be making sure she’s fine, not eaten anything she’s not supposed to, and not being sick. She can also get really needy and it’s understandable because we separated her from her mom, but it does get tiring when I’m trying to sleep or study for a test.

Either way though I knew what I was getting myself into and I honestly don’t regret it because she makes my life even better and brighter because of all the things that she does because of how curious she is.