Trying things out

So this is something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time. I actually really love writing and I am a journalism major so it is an obvious reason to start putting my writing to the test! I want to use this as a way to express myself and write about all the things that I might have in my mind. Also, I want to write about how I feel about some things that are happening in the entertainment world because that is something that I love to talk about and show what I’m feeling about anything that is happening with a celebrity.

Let see right now, I started a third semester in university and I am thinking that it is going to be a good year because all my classes seem to look interesting and fun! My teacher’s are great and everything has been going very smoothly right now. It is going to be hard though that I might not be able to see my friends much, but anytime I try to find to see them is special to me.

Today what I’m going to do is just chill at home and the later get ready to go to a friend’s birthday party! I am not much of a party girl, but since it’s one of my great friend’s party I thought it would be good to go. Currently though, I just finished coloring a Star Wars themed coloring book and watching Youtube videos.

It felt so therapeutic to color and it also felt so nice to look at the finished product. Something everyone should know is that I love Star Wars and it was a great combination of one of my favorite things.

Something that I am very passionate about and that I love are the One Direction boys. Yes I know what everyone might think, “Wow really? One Direction?! They are so lame! Also, aren’t you a little old to like?” Well my answer to that is yes One Direction! I love their music and their personalities and I don’t think I’m too old to like them! (I’m 19) But I’ll talk about them a bit more some other time(:

Well this is all for now! I’ll post some more some other time! Bye!✌🏻 



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